Contracts exist in many forms and cover many issues.  They are not a one-size-fits-all type of document.  Having a contract helps to protect and identify the relationship of the parties (owner/renter, contractor/client, employer/employee, buyer/seller, etc.) so that everyone involved understands their responsibilities.  Contracts also are helpful if there is a dispute or disagreement between the parties as to what actions were required by each.  A contract needs to be written so all parties fully understand exactly what is being asked or required in terms of payment, providing goods or services, maintenance of a property or piece of equipment, confidentiality agreements, and any other obligations upon which the parties agree.  Our firm will take the time necessary to become familiarized with your needs in order to draft a contract to fit the situation at hand and to protect your rights should a dispute arise.

Some contracts can be long and confusing.  You may have thought you had an agreement with another party to later find out he or she only partially performed or did not perform at all.  If you have experienced a breach of contract by another party, you may be unaware of certain legal remedies that are available to you.  Likewise, some contracts exclude certain remedies or require certain steps be taken prior to electing a remedy.  Our firm will explain all remedies available to you and advise as how best to proceed.  If necessary, we will hold the breaching party legally responsible for damages you suffered as a result of their conduct.

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