Despite the fact that every adult should have a will, many people do not.  If you do not have a will, we can draft and prepare one that is clear and compliant with state law to ensure your assets and property are distributed in accordance with your intentions.

When a loved one or relative passes away it can leave many questions for those left behind regarding expenses and assets, including real and personal property, bank accounts, insurance policies and anything else of value.  This can be the case whether or not the deceased had a will.  We can assist you with the probate process after someone has died with or without a will.  There are times when a will can cause surprise, confusion, or even hard feelings between remaining family members.  Such a will may end up being contested in probate court in an effort to change what happens to the deceased’s assets.  Additionally, tax consequences of inherited assets can sometimes impact those slated to receive them.  Our firm will advise you of all of your options in such an instance.  If you find yourself on either side of a contested will, our firm will represent you and ensure the proper documentation is filed in order to reach a just and fair result.

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